Middle School:
Teen Community

Environment prepared for
young people from 12 to 15 years

Middle School:

Teen Community

Environment prepared for
young people from 12 to 15 years

Middle School

Teen Community

Los chicos y chicas adolescentes atraviesan por una estimulación neurológica muy interesante que requiere mucho movimiento físico, por lo cual el ambiente preparado responde a estas necesidades, con estrategias y proyectos que impliquen el desarrollo de habilidades físicas e intelectuales.

At this stage, a deep sense of communityis very important, where boys and girls actively participate in it, working on respect and active collaboration every day. The intellect,for its part, develops through:

  • Productive projects: with real experiences of mathematics, sciences and humanities.
  • Literary readings: invite community discussion.
  • Activities: They are the activities that are carried out every day, such as the garden;giving a sense of learning and transformation, relating to the earth and nature.
  • Microeconomics: Montessori education respondsto the needs of adolescents in the third stage of development, giving them experiences to organize, produce, market and manage their small businesses, which will introduce them to real life through daily work. 

"In this period it is about facilitating the construction of your personality, let's try to make the work that clarifies your ideas, presenting each thing and each idea under a concrete aspect and making what is more abstract even more tangible".

- Maria Montessori -

Cosmic Education

A vision of unity with the cosmos and the planet is promoted; a vision that gives meaning and purpose to human life. It offers the opportunity to explore and acquire knowledge of the universe in its entirety and to appreciate how the different cosmic forces, following the laws of nature, work and interact together to achieve order and harmony in everything that surrounds us.

A 100% Montessori Methodology


Consiste en la exploración de ideas mediante el diálogo abierto entre estudiantes, a partir de la lectura y análisis de un texto determinado.


An oral and written communication workshop, where the teenagers will develop technical and digital skills for their future.


A workshop that will help grow their knowledge across disciplines, from on a real and concrete problem.

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